Mezzanine Floors

Acquiring a mezzanine floor is an exceptional way of utilising otherwise dormant or unused space in most commercial environments.

They can be designed to suit a variety of purposes for example; Storage, Offices, Production facility & Retail.  Generally, they are a single tier platform that can be designed for additional floors to be either constructed at the time or added in the future.

Their Construction

Mezzanine Floors are predominantly constructed from graded steel using universal beams, SHS columns, cold rolled C section secondary joists and P6 Industrial grade particle board for the flooring.  Some applications may require variations, these are dependent on the clients’ specifications.

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A personal, professional, turnkey service to you, our customer.  ATC will visit you and the premises regarding your enquiry to establish the specific needs and requirements.  Following this, we will consult with an independent building inspector and liaise with you in the event a need arises for any adjustments.  Once the requirements have been mutually agreed, ATC will provide you with your quotation.  There are no middle men involved with ATC, we deal with all of our customers direct.


What do ATC Installations offer as a company? find out more below

Installation Services

Not only do ATC install mezzanine floors and all relevant ancillaries, such as staircases, handrail, loading gates etc.  we also offer our installation services for items such as pallet racking and steel partitioning.

Manufacturing Services

ATC manufacture all our steel works at our fully equipped workshop near Boston, Lincolnshire.  These works include, yet not limited to, mezzanine floor structures, staircases, handrails, cat ladders, loading gates.  We have designed, manufactured and installed mezzanine flooring systems of varying types throughout the UK and take care of the entire process.

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